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About Holland
The Kingdom of The Netherlands, is a country, situated in Western Europe by the North Sea. Population of Holland is more than 16.5 mln., mostly is the Dutch. Official language is Dutch language.

The country has become a multi- ethnic and multicultural society, and through its excellent system of education has motivated a population to communicate in at least two foreign languages of which English is the most predominant. Dutch people confess Christians religion (catholic or protestant).

The Netherlands - constitutional monarchy; the head of the state is the Queen Beatrix. The highest legislative organ of the country is bicameral parliament. Government (Minister- president and ministers) sits in The Hague. The capital is Amsterdam with 700 thousand inhabitants.

Holland is a small plain country with total area of 34 thousand square meters. The distance from the North to the South is approximately 400 km and from the West to the East - 300 km. 40% of the Dutch surface are located below sea level. The name Netherlands means - below lying earths.

The country enjoys a moderate sea climate. The average temperature in January is about 1-3 C, in July - 18-19 C.

The country enjoys a moderate sea climate. The average temperature in January is about 1-3 C, in July - 18-19 C.

Considerable know - how, gained during long years in which trade and commerce have become part of the cultural fabric, has created this top position for this small country

The Netherlands a developed industrial country of high technologies and the intensive agriculture, oriented for the export. Economically stable Holland, often named a centre of World Trade, is the place for the business activity of many international companies.

The port of Rotterdam is the largest in the world and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is amongst the world's busiest points.

Situated in the midst of Europe Holland creates favourable possibilities for the journeys through the countries- neighbours. Paris, London, Berlin and Brussels are located in the hour of flight out of Schiphol.

Why Study In Holland ? 

With 1560 English Bachelor and Master study programmes, Holland, also known as the Netherlands

Total number of international students in Netherlands is 81,700

Internationally recognized degrees

Low study costs - average 7,000 - 12,000 euro a year

Foundation / Bachelor / Master /MBA /PHD programe available

Feb & September Intake

For Feb Intake - Only Bachelor / Foundation are available

For Sept Intake All programs are available

Most of the universities are Government

Student get the Schengen visa and they can travel to other European countries.

High visa success rate / Admission Intake Feb (few course ) – Sept major Intake every year.

Student can apply for additional 1 Year visa to find the job known as job search visa.

Option available to study Preparatory leading to Bachelor / Master on 5.5 bands IELTS.

Part time: 10 hours/week allowed

Internationally recognized diplomas

Multicultural environment – 95% people speak in English

Most campuses in Amsterdam , Delft , Hague

Internship are available in Most of the program

International Business and Management studies (IBMS) and International Communication Management (ICM) which has the high demand in Netherland.

Scholarship available for International students for Non European Student

Tuition fees are reasonable compared to other countries.

After graduation at a university in the Netherlands, foreign students are allowed to spend a period of up to 12 months in the Netherlands to find a job as a highly skilled During this period the graduates have free access to the Dutch labour market.

IELTS Requirement for Bachelor- 6.0 or 6.5

IELTS Requirement for 6 Month foundation programe – 5.0

Due to its central position, the Netherlands has been described as the Gateway to Europe

Popular fields of study in Universities: 1. Economics 2. Behavior & Society 3. Engineering 4. Language & Culture

Do you dream about study in Europe? Come and study in Holland. Holland, or formally the Netherlands, located at a central spot in Europe, yearly attracts students from all over the world.

It offers a warm and diverse environment, vibrant lifestyle, and limitless opportunities.
For long time the Netherlandshas been known as a country of strong trading traditions and international business. Holland (the Netherlands) always acted in avant-garde of the continental Europe.

Why do foreign students come to study in Holland?

  1. Why do foreign students come to study in Holland?
    Since 1950 Holland is the first non - English speaking country which has been offering study programmes conducted in English and especially designed for foreign students who came to study in Holland.
    In 2009/10 year the Dutch universities propose 1,455 Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes and short courses taught in English.
    The Dutch education system is interactive and focuses on teamwork, which makes it easy to meet other international students. During your study in Holland you will develop an open mind and increase your international orientation.
  2. Internationally recognized diplomas
    The Netherlands has been recognized as the knowledge centre of long study traditions and well- known universities. Dutch international scientific research is placed in the very top ranks. Thanks to its high quality the Dutch education meets all standards and is acknowledged wordwide.
    Gaining a diploma in the Netherlands is the key for a successful worldwide career. Holland has received international acclaim for its ground-breaking Problem-Based Learning system. During study in Holland, students are trained to analyze & solve practical problems independently through emphasis on self-study & self-discipline.
  3. Multicultural environment
    Internataional student from all over the world come to study in Holland. Nowadays, with its key position in the new European Union and multinational market, Holland is recognised as an expert in the field of know - how and international studies.
    The Netherlands is an unique non - English speaking country where 95% of the inhabitants speaks English.This makes communication during your study in Holland comfortable and pleasant.

Low study costs
The tuition fees and other expenses for those who came to study in Holland are relatively low compared to other European countries.
The annual tuition fees for enrolment on a degree programme or course at a Dutch

  1. University start at approximately €1,700 for EU students. The costs of study programmes or courses for non-EU students are on average 14,000 - 18,000 euro a year


  1. Holland — a getway to Europe
    Due to its central position, the Netherlands has been described as the Gateway to Europe. In reality , all famous European capitals are within easy reach: Paris and Berlin, Brussels and London are all situated within an hour flight from the Dutch capital - Amsterdam.

Holland Student Visa Requirements & Procedure
In Holland, Student gets the E- visa (known as MMV) after the payment of Tuition fees to the university. Then student need to go to the embassy to collect the visa from the embassy.

Visa part- 1 (Between University & Immigration office)

  1. Student Transfer the tuition fee to the university.
  2. Student visa application form (Also called MVV application form). Holland University this form on behalf of the student and apply for the visa at Holland immigration office.
  3. Scan copy of all your Original educational documents.
  4. Scan copy of all pages of Original passport (passport should be valid for at least 18 months from the date of visa application).
  5. Conditional offer letter from University.
  6. Confirmation of Payment for
    • Full one year Tuition Fees.
    • Annual Health Insurance & MVV fees (student visa application fees) approximately 450Euro.

Visa Part -2 (Between Student & Holland Embassy in New Delhi)

  1. Student gets E-visa approval from Immigration. (University will provide this E – Visa Letter as mention In Visa Part -1).
  2. Student goes to the embassy to pick his /her visa at the embassy with the following documents:
    • Accommodation proof letter.
    • In some universities it is mandatory to pay for 1st year accommodation with the University before visa application. Or In some universities student can show funds for accommodation through their Indian Bank accounts.
    • For specific university details please check with you  Visa Counselor.
  3. IELTS certificate (Not required for some Foundation Programme).
  4. 5 passport size photographs with white background.

Note: The documents mentioned above should be in A4 size only & must be translated in English Language.

General Information:

  1. A student can work 10 hours per week during their study & full time during vacations.
  2. No personal interviews are conducted.
  3. Time required for visa approval is 4 weeks.
  5. Embassy of Holland in New Delhi  


6/50 F, Shantipath  
New Delhi India 110021 
Tel: +91-11-24197600

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