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Study in Spain

Spain is a popular destination for international students who seek quality and affordable higher education. Those who wish to study abroad in Spain are welcomed at Spanish institutions of higher education, joining the other 85,000 international students that study in Spain each year. Spanish universities offer numerous opportunities for international students who wish to obtain a quality education with excellent research opportunities. Spain is a welcoming country of extraordinary beauty and has many opportunities for relaxation, a rich culture, and excellent lifestyle opportunities for all who choose to study there.

Why Study in Spain?

Spain has 76 universities, and about two thirds of them are state-funded, with the remainder being private institutions of higher education. Spain has a long and rich tradition of higher education, and the nation’s institutions are well-respected and highly ranked on the QS World University Rankings. Out of all of the institutions of higher education in Spain, 14 are in the top 500 best ranked in the world. The highest ranked of them are Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (176th place) and Universitat de Barcelona (187th place).It is therefore not surprising that Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for those who wish to study in Spain. Another popular student destination is the capital city, Madrid. The best ranked universities in Madrid are Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and University Complutense Madrid. Barcelona and Madrid are in the top 20 QS Best Student Cities ranking, however other Spanish cities also welcome international students and are proud of their international student body.

Spain offers a wide range of courses and programmes at all levels of higher education, from undergraduate to Master’s, PhD and even post-doc. Health-related programmes are a particularly popular choices for those who wish to study abroad in Spain, which is not surprising as Spain is among the EU countries with comparatively fewer restrictions on entry to the medical profession. However, there are many other fields and programmes that international students may be interested in, from sciences to humanities and arts.Spanish universities work hard to maintain relationships and collaboration with other universities in Europe and around the world. For example, Spain is the most popular destination for students on the Erasmus exchange programme.The majority of courses in Spain are taught in Spanish, but there are also many courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level that are taught in English, and the numbers of such courses are growing.

Most undergraduate programmes in Spain last for four years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which usually span six years. Universities use the ECTS credits scale as the measure for the modules, with students typically taking 60 ECTS each year. Therefore, a typical undergraduate programme has 240 ECTS. After passing every subject and getting the 240 ECTS credits, the student obtains an academic degree (Grado), architecture or engineering qualification. Postgraduate (graduate) degrees in Spain are Master’s degrees (Máster), and Doctoral degrees (Doctorado). Some universities also offer unofficial postgraduate degrees.

A Great Educational System

Spain has a great opportunity to learn no matter what your major might be and no matter which college you have selected for your studies. The educational system is well organized and properly executed, designed to provide students of all levels with the utmost of learning opportunities. Spain is the third most popular country for international studies with around 36% of those people from the USA.  When you study in Spain you can be confident that you will be provided with the best possible education for your time.

Experience the Country

When you think of Spain you probably think of Madrid and Barcelona. While these two cities are beautiful and certainly hot tourist attractions, Spain has so much more to offer the visitor that these two cities. The beautiful countryside of Spain is marvelous and you are certain to enjoy being able to see miles and miles of lush trees and greeneries. Travel to another area of the country and you’ll find yourself amidst the most beautiful coastline you will ever see. Spain has it all, and as a student there will be plenty of time for you to travel and explore and see all of these amazing things.